Fahrenheit 173 - Whisky Ratings


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 Origin Richness   Peat/   
  Rating   Comments
Port Ellen (Golden Cask) 53%Pic1983
Islay68 91Very nice nose with notes of orange and crème brûlée; the palate is at first sweet and fruity but then there's an explosion of peat and wood smoke - very nice!
Port Ellen (Old Bothwell) 52%
cask 2729
Islay786-791Very nice nose with peat, iodine and sherry fruits; the palate is at first rich and sweet, then develops lots of peat and a note of iodine; very nice finish
Port Ellen (DL) 50%
(sherry wood)
Islay67590Wonderful sherry nose with a note of peppermint; very nice palate: at first sweet with sherry and quite a bit of peat, then turns spicy and fiery; very nice finish with mint and iodine; all in all very nice yet a bit unbalanced
Port Ellen 56.2%Pic1979
Islay56090The 1st release. Slightly musty at first but soon gets better; the palate is complex, a little fruity and very nice and develops wonderful peaty/minty notes
Port Ellen (DL) 61.1%Pic1982-Feb
Islay   90Interesting, unusual, "creamy" fruitiness on the nose; the palate is fairly mild, balanced, complex with a light fruitiness; an unusual but rather nice Port Ellen (bottled for PLOWED)
Port Ellen 57.4%Pic1979
Islay45090The 5th release. Quite peaty but also light and clean with very nice fruity notes, develops oaky spices; oaky, peaty finish; compared to the 1st release: lighter and less peaty; milder and less complex
Port Ellen (CC)Pic1974
Islay67489Very smoky nose with a slightly burnt aroma; surprisingly, the palate is much milder; soft, balanced with light minty notes; wonderful finish
Port Ellen 59.35%Pic1978
Islay47089The 2nd release. Very nice, peaty nose; light, fruity, very nice with minty notes and a very nice finish
Port Ellen (DL) 50%Pic1978-Sep
Islay57289Fairly powerful nose with peat but also wonderful notes of citrus fruits; milder palate that retains most of the fruitiness, also oaky with a note of liqourice - very nice
Port Ellen
(McGibbon's Provenance) *
Islay78787Very sherried (and with a nice sherry), also quite peaty; a wild combination but it works rather well
Port Ellen (DL) 50%Pic1979-Sep
Islay77087Peaty, musty nose with a hint of rubber; the palate is nicer: loses the rubber and develops notes of fruit and cereal; excellent finish with a minty note
Port Ellen (Drumlanrig) 58.2%1982
Islay58087Peaty, musty, fruity, quite nice nose; sweet, fruity, peaty palate, quite nice but there's a disturbing note of rubber; very nice finish with peat and iodine
Port Ellen (RM) 60.50%Pic1978
Islay66086Fairly subtle, fairly smoky with a very nice, spicy palate and a nice (yet disappointing) fruity/peaty finish

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