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Dramming with Alan, Lukas & Philipp

 4 Apr 2006  

Alan (as in "Port Alan") added a weekend to his already busy holiday schedule in order to visit a few whisky nuts in Switzerland (namely Lukas, Philipp and myself).

I attended (part of!) the dramming and we had the most amazing lineup of malts I've ever seen, mainly thanks to the massive number of samples that Alan brought. After we had poured nine early seventies Broras, Alan exclaimed: "This is truly decadent!" And that was before we poured a flight of 20 Port Ellens, and after that, 18 Ardbegs! (Oh, and we squeezed in four Caol Ilas as well)

Port Ellens

I didn't try all those whiskies and I didn't take notes the whole time but here are the highlights of what I can remember (erhm!):

Old Pulteney 1964 (DL) 50%92-93 p
Ardbeg 1967 (Sign) 53.7% cask 57592 p
Ardbeg 1967 (Sign) 52.2% cask 113892? p
Ardbeg 1967 (Sign) 50.3% cask 1140     92? p
Glen Grant 1972 (BB&R) 57%91 p
Caol Ila 1979 "Cross Hill" 60.9%90-91 p
Ardbeg 1972 "Ardbeggeddon" 48.4%90 p
Ardbeg 1976 53.1% cask 239090 p
Ardbeg 1976 51.4% cask 239889 p

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