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 24 Jul 2006  

Aberlour has re­cently become a favourite of mine. Over the last few months I've bought sev­eral bottles and I re­cently attended the Aberlour distillery tour. I can really recommend that dis­til­lery tour. Make sure you call ahead and make reservations! Also, make sure you don't have to drive that day - or bring sample bottles, like I did =)

Anyway, here are a few re­cent tast­ing notes:

Aberlour 100 Proof (bottled ca 1998): Very nice sherry nose. Complex and very nice palate with notes of oranges, honey, vanilla and cinnamon. (88 p)

Aberlour 100 Proof (later bottling, probably the last): Not as nice as the earlier bottling. This one's lighter, with more spice and less sherry. It's also a little harsh. Needs just a bit of water, if any. (87 p)

Aberlour Sherry Cask 12 y.o.: Fairly rich with a very nice sherry character. The sherry influence (Oloroso) is dry and a bit spicy and not particularly sweet. (86 p)

Aberlour Double Cask 12 y.o.: Very nice bal­ance between the wood types. Lighter than the sherry wood but just as good - only dif­fer­ent! (86 p)

Aberlour Double Cask 16 y.o.: Richer and spicier than the 12 y.o. Too spicy, in fact, but better with a little water. Fairly bal­anced but not very exciting. (84 p)

Aberlour Cuvée Marie d'Ecosse (15 y.o.): Sweet, fairly rich with a very nice sherry character and nice spicy notes. Surprisingly, also a hint of peat. July's whisky of the month! (89 p)

Aberlour a'bunadh #13: The usual delicious sherry but this time it's lighter, with fresh notes of citrus fruit and vanilla and also a hint of mint. (89 p)

Aberlour a'bunadh #16: Rich, fruity nose yet harsh and sulphury. The palate is nicer with a dry, spicy sherry character but it's also a bit sulphury. This batch is not up to the usual standard! (80 p)

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