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The "Whisky Ship" in Zürich

 22 Dec 2007  

The annual whisky fair in Zürich took place early December and I was there as usual. I didn't attend any master classes but I did try many nice malts. Here are the highlights, in alphabetical order:

Benriach "Importanticus Fumosus" (port finish) 12 y.o. 46%:
Very nice nose with fruit and wood smoke; rich palate with fruit and smoke in a very nice bal­ance; delicious, smoky finish (89 p)

Benriach 1978 28 y.o. 54%:
Quiet, fruity and a little peaty nose; fruity and fairly sweet palate with a very nice, mild peatiness (87 p)

Benriach 1972 33 y.o. 45%:
Peaty, musty, fruity nose; complex, rich, dry palate, also oaky and spicy; rather nice but a little too oaky (87 p)

Bowmore 1994 b. 2006 (James MacArthur) 57.8%:
Peaty, malty nose with faint but nice fruity notes; light, very peaty palate (87 p)

Caol Ila 1982 25 y.o. (James MacArthur) 55.5%:
Very nice, very unusual nose with iodine and a note of Trinidad rum; sweet, very nice palate, also peaty with notes of fruit and arrack; quite peaty finish (90 p)

Glendronach 8 y.o. (old dumpy bottle) 43%:
Wonderful fruity notes on the nose, also slightly peaty; mild, sweet and a little spicy palate with notes of citrus fruits and banana (90 p)

Glen Ord 1974 23 y.o. (Rare Malts) 60.8%:
Nice nose with the typical fruity character (banana, pear among other fruits); nice, sweet, fruity palate, also a hint of peat (87 p)

Glenury Royal 1971 23 y.o. (Rare Malts) 61.3%:
Very nice sherry on the nose with dried fruit, gin­ger­bread and prunes; very nice, complex palate with plums, gin­ger­bread and wisps of smoke in the background; de­velops a note of mustard (90 p)

Macallan 1969 (Murray McDavid "Mission") 41%:
Wonderful, intensely fruity nose with notes of melon and peach; fruity palate with oranges and a chemical note like a good Armagnac, sweet but drying; dry, oaky, dis­ap­point­ing finish (89 p)

Port Ellen 1983 22 y.o. (Douglas Laing) 50%:
Sweet palate with fresh fruity notes, also peaty with a very peaty finish (88-89 p)

Springbank 1997 b. 2007 55.2%:
Very nice, very unusual nose; complex, sweet, fairly rich palate with vanilla and tropical fruits, also peaty with quite a peaty finish (87 p)

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