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Linköping Whisky Expo

 17 Feb 2008  

Early February I visited the WhiskyExpo in Lin­köping, Sweden. The exhibitors were basically the same ones as at the fair in Stockholm last September (see below). The prices were also basically the same (heh) but I enjoyed this event a lot more. The WhiskyExpo fo­cused on whisky, of course, and the atmosphere there was calmer and quieter than in Stockholm. There were also plenty of seating which I found rather nice towards the end of the evening =)

There were master classes held by, among others, Stewart Laing (of Douglas Laing & Co), Grant Macpherson (from Cadenhead's) and Alan McConnochie (from BenRiach). All in all I really enjoyed the WhiskyExpo and I'm sure I'll go next year as well!

The highlights of the evening were:

Ardbeg 15 y.o. 1991/03 - 2007/01 (Douglas Laing) 50%:
Very nice, very peaty palate with fresh fruity notes. (87-88 p)

Cooley 15 y.o. (Cadenhead) 58.6%:
Surprisingly mild undiluted! Sweet, fruity (with a note of orange candy) and quite smoky palate (wood smoke). All in all rather nice and clean with a "clean" kind of smoke. (86 p)

Glen Ord 18 y.o. 1989/01 - 2007/02 (Douglas Laing) 50%:
Very nice, fruity nose. Sweet, fruity palate with a note of banana. De­velops spices and a note of peat. Very nicely bal­anced! (87-88 p)

Laphroaig 8 y.o. (McGibbon's Provenance) 46%:
Very smoky nose. Light, fruity, spicy, fairly fiery and very smoky palate with a note of mint. Mature beyond its years yet still fresh and power­ful. (89 p)

Longrow 18 y.o. ("preview" cask sample at ~48%):
Musty, peaty, fruity nose. Spicy, peaty and rather nice palate. This one won't be cheap when it's released but because it's Longrow I'll probably buy it anyway... as usual =) (87? p)

Talisker 18 y.o. 1988/02 - 2006/12 (Douglas Laing) 50%:
Fruity, fairly peppery and quite nice. Similar in quality to the 18 y.o. OB but a bit more power­ful. (86 p)

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