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Mackmyra, the first release

 30 Jun 2008  

Mackmyra released "Den första utgåvan" early this month. That's Swedish for "The first release". Well, according to my count, it's actually the seventh public release from Mack­myra...

After the six "Preludium" releases I had expected a "standard", repeatable bottling, but something called "the first release" can hardly be repeated, can it?

So is this new bottling any dif­fer­ent from the "preludes" or is it just "Preludium 7"? (Oh sorry, that would have been "07", heh)

For one thing, this time they've bottled a lot more whisky: around twice as much as before. Secondly, after tast­ing it, I have to admit that it does taste more like a proper product than the "preludes" did. It's more mature and seems more "solid". The Pre­lud­ium bottlings, on the other hand (although some of them were quite nice), tasted rather like experiments with complex, uneven flavour profiles.

But is "The first release" any better than the "preludes"? Yes and no - I find it as good as the best of its predecessors, the "Preludium 05". It's also similar in style to the "05". Finally, here are my notes:

Mackmyra "Den första utgåvan" (46.1%):
Nice, clean nose, spicy with oak and very nice notes of citrus fruits. Oaky yet nice palate with a hint of peat. Spicy, oaky, dis­ap­point­ing finish. All in all nice but a little heavy on the oak (at least in the finish). (84 p)

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