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Bourbon review

 13 Aug 2009  
Wild Turkey

In the summer I often pre­fer bourbon to Scotch and for this year's summer vacation I bought a new one, Wild Turkey's 8 year old. It went down fast but I managed to save the last half inch of it for later in order to taste it "seriously". I ended up comparing it to five other bourbons before I could figure it out =)

Here are the results of the Swedish jury: (for tast­ing notes, follow the links)

Knob Creek (81 p)
From Jim Beam's "small batch" series. This was the first bourbon that I gave a serious chance. This one's a little weird though: it's quite peppery and fiery. Some times I like it, some times I don't (much like Talisker's 10 y.o.).

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel (82 p)
One of many ex­pres­sions from the Buffalo Trace distillery. A good, solid bourbon but a little overpriced.

Buffalo Trace (83 p)
I used to love Buffalo Trace. I emptied my first bottle in a matter of weeks. The second took a little longer but this third bottle just isn't as good. Let's hope the next bottle will be better! (It might take me a while to finish this one though)

Wild Turkey 8 y.o. (85 p)
I didn't realize it was this good until I did this tast­ing. As of now it has taken over the spot as my "house bourbon" after Buffalo Trace.

Van Winkle Family Reserve 15 y.o. (86 p)
I bought this one because I loved Van Winkle's 15 y.o. "Handmade Bourbon" and I hoped this was just a new name for the same product. Sadly, it wasn't, but after the initial disappointment I realized it's not that bad...

Wild Turkey Rare Breed (87 p)
I didn't think much of this one just after I bought it, but it has really grown on me. It's sur­pris­ingly mild for its 54% ABV and it's one of the very few drams over 50% I enjoy straight.

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