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Eleven Rosebanks from 9 to 30 years of age

 17 Sep 2009  

Rosebank (SMWS) 1990 9 y.o. (60.3%):
Spirity, chemical nose but im­proves with water - earthy, musty but also fruity with apples. The palate is nicer: it's sweet and fruity, de­velops a little peat. (82 p)

Rosebank (Flora & Fauna) 12 y.o. (43%):
Very nice nose with oranges, black pepper and (sur­pris­ingly) a whiff of peat. Sweet, fairly rich palate, at first oaky, spicy and a little dis­ap­point­ing, then de­velops very nice, fresh fruity notes. (86 p)

Rosebank (Mackillop's Choice) 1989 13 y.o. (59.1%):
Subtle yet rather nice nose with citrus fruits, vanilla and oak. Light, clean, floral palate with a note of candy, de­velops spices and a hint of peat. Very nice! (87 p)

Rosebank (Dun Bheagan) 1991 16 y.o. (50.7%):
Nice nose with notes of citrus and fruity sweets, also slightly herbal. Light, sweet, fruity palate with oranges and pears, also a little peaty and de­velops a buttery note. Dis­ap­point­ing after the nice nose. (83 p)

Rosebank (SMWS) 1991 17 y.o. (56.1%):
Slightly earthy nose with notes of linseed oil, vanilla, blood orange, apple, pear and also a hint of peat. The palate is sweet and fruity yet a little earthy, de­velops spices and a note of pepper­mint. Very nice! (89 p)

Rosebank (Dun Bheagan) 1990 18 y.o. (48%):
Very nice nose with citrus, lychee, fruity candy and pepper­mint. Absolutely yummy palate: at first light and sweet with notes of citrus fruits, then de­velops spices and a hint of peat. All in all mild, complex and very nicely bal­anced. (90 p)

Rosebank (Rare Malts) 1981 20 y.o. (62.3%):
Nice, un­ex­pec­tedly peaty nose with fruit and oak in a very nice bal­ance. The palate is fruity (citrus) and a little floral, de­velops oak and spices. Dis­ap­point­ingly, the finish has mostly oak. (88 p)

Rosebank (SMWS) 1981 21 y.o. (64.2%):
Very nice, complex nose with marzipan, citrus, pears and freshly sawn wood. Fairly light and sweet palate with oak and light fruity notes, at first citrus then de­velops sherry notes. Un­for­tu­nately, in the finish the fruity notes are overshadowed by spices. (89 p)

Rosebank 1981 25 y.o. (61.4%):
Very nice nose with sherry notes: dried fruits, cloves, gin­ger­bread, also oak and a hint of peat. Fairly rich palate, sweet and spicy in a very nice bal­ance. De­velops lighter notes of citrus. Water brings out a peaty note. (90 p)

Rosebank (Old Malt Cask) 1975 27 y.o. (50%):
Lovely sherry notes on the nose: dried fruits, gin­ger­bread, cloves and allspice. Rich, won­der­ful palate with orange and apricot. It's at first sweet, then spicy, de­velops oak and vanilla. All in all complex, bal­anced and absolutely yummy! (92 p)

Rosebank (Whisky Fair) 1974 30 y.o. (55.8%):
Very nice nose with oak and sherry notes. Rich, oaky palate but not overly dry (fairly sweet actually). De­velops lovely notes of vanilla and mints. The finish has mostly oak, un­for­tu­nately. All in all it's very nice but it's drier, oakier and "simpler" than the 1975. (89 p)

Thanks to Alan for the four samples!

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