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Five single malts starting with T

 26 Nov 2013  

These are whiskes I presented at a re­cent tast­ing - another attempt at dispelling the myth that Talisker is the only single malt Scotch beginning with T that is worth drinking =) There is some truth to the myth, I admit, but not all of the T-whiskies are trash!

Tormore 1988, 21 y.o. (Single Malts of Scotland, 64.8%):
Fragrant nose with vanilla and oak shavings (makes me suspect use of new oak). Also fruity and a little flowery with a note of straw (like an old barn). Quite nice. The palate is sweet and fruity (candy-like) with oak shavings and a note of mint. Also flowery, un­for­tu­nately. Drying and de­velops oak. Oaky, spicy finish. Conclusion: Oak, oak and oak (and I'm not so keen on that flowery note). (82 p)

Tomintoul 1989, bottled 2008 (Scott's Selection, 56.9%):
Unusual nose with oak shavings, lemon drops and a note of pickles. The palate is sur­pris­ingly nice after the strange nose: sweet and smooth with oak shavings, citrus and pepper­mint. The finish is rather oaky and spicy; a little dull, in fact. All in all unusual and quite oaky but the nice palate pushes the score up a bit. (84 p)

Tamdhu 1984, bottled 2011 (Scott's Selection, 49.6%):
The nose is fruity with notes of orange marmalade and orange candy, also oak and malt. Very nice! The palate is light and sweet, clean and fresh with notes of lemon, orange, mint and oak. Balanced and more-ish. Drying, de­velops oak. Orange, honey and a note of mint on the finish. Also oaky and peppery with a hint of dried fruits. All in all nice and more-ish but the finish is a little too hot and oaky. (88 p)

Tomatin 1988, bottled 2011 (Scott's Selection, 50.6%):
Oaky, fruity nose with notes of wild berries, dried plums, mint, custard and cocoa. Complex and unusual but very nice. The palate is sweet, chewy and fruity, de­velops notes of mint and oak. Fresh and very nice. Very nice, refreshing finish with notes of mint, vanilla and cream, also oak. All in all unusual, in­ter­est­ing and complex yet very nice and very drinkable. (90 p)

Tamnavulin 40 y.o. (Single Malts of Scotland, 40.4%):
Wonderful, fragrant nose with tropical fruits, oak, linseed oil, marzipan and vanilla. The palate is at first rich and oaky then turns smoother and sweeter with light, fresh notes of citrus and mint. The finish is light, minty and refreshing at first, then grows richer as the oak returns together with ginger. All in all very nicely bal­anced with a fascinating development. Amazingly fresh for its age! (93 p)

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