Aged Spirits  

Fahrenheit 173 - Aged Spirits

"If it's not good enough to drink slowly, then it's not worth drinking"

Box Pioneer 48.1% 3 y.o.

Box Pioneer 48.1%
3 years old

The nose is dominated by oak but there are also notes of mint, lemon, orange, white pepper and peat. A little on the young side but the nice fruity notes make up for that. Hopefully the prominent oak won't overpower the palate and finish! Let's see... The palate is rich, sweet and fruity, also malty and oaky with notes of citrus and mint. Youthful but rather nice. The finish is oaky, peppery and a little hot but it also has a refreshing note of citrus. All in all it's very mature for its age. More-ish. An impressive first effort! The use of small casks (and partly new oak) has made it quite oaky but luckily not too oaky. A little hot without water but adding water reveals more of the youthful character. Best neat.

Score: 86 p