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Bisquit VSOPPic Cognac4789Mild but very nice nose with oak shavings, figs and citrus; complex, elegant palate with dried fruits and oak in a beautiful balance, there are also light, fresh notes of custard, citrus and mint; oaky, spicy, very nice finish (this is the nicest VSOP I've tried) 
Grönstedts Monopole VSOPPic~8Cognac5 87Fairly spicy and fairly fruity with a very nice finish with a hint of peppermint; compared to VS: A little richer, more complex, unfortunately less fruity 
Daniel Bouju VSOPPic~10Cognac8787Sweet nose with notes of ginger, cinnamon and prunes; rich, oaky yet smooth palate, very nice, complex, "elegant" character but the finish a little too dry and bitter 
Le Neptune VSOPPic Cognac4 87Light, fresh and very nice nose with notes of fruits and crème brûlée; sweet, fairly light palate, also fairly spicy yet balanced with tropical fruits 
Rémy Martin VSOP~8Cognac6 87Fairly rich and sweet, nicely balanced with very nice fresh fruity notes 
Louis Royer Force 53 VSOP 53%Pic Cognac5787Fruity nose with raisins, prunes and gingerbread, also lighter notes of green fruits; sweet, very nice palate with cream, toffee, apricot and tangerine offset by oak and spices in a very nice balance 
Moyet VSOP Cognac6586Youngish nose with a note of tea leaves and a hint of plums; the palate has more plums and less tea; very nice fruitiness 
Hennessy Privilège VSOPPic Cognac6586Very nice nose with notes of oak and dried fruit; rich, sweet yet drying palate, quite nice but a little peppery 
Courvoisier VSOPPic~10Cognac66-786Very nice, complex and "elegant" nose with a hint of smoke; balanced and complex palate with earthy and oaky notes; the finish has a bit too much oak though 
Martell VSOPPic Cognac7586Fragrant, rather nice nose with notes of dried fruits (prunes, figs), oak, vanilla and honey. The palate is rich, sweet (honey) and fruity (raisins, orange marmalade) with a note of mint. Develops spicy oak and grows fairly hot. On the finish the dried fruits return briefly, then it turns oaky, spicy and warming. All in all zesty and entertaining but too hot and spicy. A bit disappointing, actually. 
Rémy Martin VSOP
Réserve Exclusive
Pic~10Cognac5 86Milder and smoother than the normal edition but less exciting; in all quite nice but the finish is a bit too dry
Meukow VSOPPic~12Cognac4785Nice, complex nose with oak, spices, gingerbread, dried fruits (figs) and a hint of cheese. Fairly mild palate with oak and sweetness in a nice balance. Notes of dried fruits, citrus and mint. Complex, rather nice. Nice finish - oaky, spicy and warming. 
Larsen VSOPPic Cognac3584Very nice nose with notes of oak, plums and caramelized sugar. The palate is mild and sweet, develops oak, spices and peppermint but also a slightly disturbing earthy note. A little lacking in balance yet rather nice. Lovely finish though, with citrus, mint and oak. Compared to VSVC it's much milder, more refined and more complex. 
Otard VSOPPic~8Cognac5 83Very nice fruity nose; the palate is light, fresh, fruity and quite nice at first but turns drier, spicier and a little fiery; short, disappointing finish 
Albert Jarraud VSOPPic Cognac3682Nice, fresh nose with vanilla, oak, citrus and mint. Nice palate - mild, balanced and complex. It's sweet with notes of orange, dried fruits and oak. Develops more oak, also pepper. Rather nice finish with oak and gingerbread. All in all nice, smooth and complex but a little lacking in character. It's also a little too sweet for my liking. 
Dupuy VSOPPic Cognac4581Fragrant nose with tropical fruits, apricot and passion fruit. Also notes of heather and honey. Quite sweet palate with citrus and toffee. A little rum-like. Also a note of mint and a little oak providing structure. Fairly oaky yet simple finish. All in all it's unusual and unusually sweet. It has fresh citrus fruits rather than dried fruits which is more common in Cognacs. Works best as an aperitif. 
Croizet VSOPPic Cognac3380Dried fruits, raisins and orange marmalade on the nose - rather nice but a little heavy on the fruits. The palate is light and subtle. Almost bland at first but develops spices and a little oak. Spicy, oaky finish with vanilla, dried fruits and apricot marmalade but the oak dominates. At the end there's only dull oak left. Starts with a nice nose but goes downhill from there. 

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