Fahrenheit 173 - Aged Spirits Ratings


Name  Age/  
 Intensity Complexity  Rating   Comments
O.P. Anderson Limited EditionPic9Akvavit/
3784Very nice nose with fresh notes of orange and peppermint, also of aniseed and caraway; the palate is at first mild and sweet with citrus but turns spicy, develops oak and fennel; all in all smooth, nicely balanced and rather nice
O.P. Anderson Limited Edition
Cognac Cask
4784Fragrant nose with dried fruits, citrus, orange peel, caraway (more fruity than spicy); very nice palate - mild, sweet and smooth with vanilla, peppermint, orange, toffee, oak and aniseed; very nice finish with vanilla and fennel
Simers Oslo AquavitPic5Akvavit/
4784Rather nice nose with notes of oak, orange, lemon, mint and aniseed; mild, complex palate, sweet and fruity with notes of caraway, oak and vanilla; very nice finish
Gammel Reserve AquavitPic3Akvavit/
4683Mild, spicy nose with notes of fennel, vanilla and rum; nice, balanced palate, fairly sweet with lime offset by spicy notes
Gilde Taffel AquavitPic3 mAkvavit/
4583Nice nose with notes of caraway and orange peel; nice, fresh, fruity palate with more orange (blood orange this time) joined by aniseed in the finish
Gammel Opland AquavitPic2Akvavit/
4682Nice, mild nose with notes of sherry, oak and barbecue sauce; mild, sweet, nice palate with notes of caraway and oranges; nicely balanced but the finish is a little fiery
Løitens Linie AquavitPic16 mAkvavit/
3581Restrained nose with notes of fruit and oak; mild, balanced palate with notes of spices, grilled meat and hints of oak and vanilla
Løitens Sommer AquavitPic6 mAkvavit/
6681Fragrant nose with caraway and citrus fruit; mild, sweet palate with notes of lemon, peppermint and a hint of liqourice
Løitens Export AquavitPic6 mAkvavit/
4480Fennel, caraway and citrus on the nose; mild, rather nice palate with notes of fennel, aniseed and oranges
Gammal Norrlands Akvavit Akvavit/
4 79Spicy nose with caraway and fennel but not very nice; the palate is nicer, sherry wood adds sweetness and improves the balance; quite nice finish
O.P. Anderson8 mAkvavit/
3 79Spicy nose with aniseed, caraway; mild, surprisingly light palate, balanced and quite nice
Herrgårds Aquavit Akvavit/
5678Fennel, coriander on the nose; nice, mild palate with spices and notes of fennel, sherry and young whisky; lots of flavour but lacks balance; nice finish though
Lysholm Linie AquavitPic16 mAkvavit/
4478Nice, mild nose with a hint of oak; aromatic, spicy palate with a note of aniseed; all in all nice, mild and balanced
Lysholm TrondhjemsaquavitPic3Akvavit/
6577Fragrant nose with fennel, fruit; vanilla and oak on the palate; aniseed in the finish; all in all fairly nice but fiery and a little unbalanced
Simers Taffel AquavitPic6 mAkvavit/
6476Intense nose, dominated by spices; the palate is nicer, the spices are milder and they are joined by nice fruity notes
Östgöta Sädes Brännvin Akvavit/
5475Fruity, perfumed nose with honey (a bit like mead); the palate is nicer: mild and quite sweet with notes of honey, apples

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