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Box Pioneer 48.1%Pic3Sweden73086The nose is dominated by oak but there are also notes of mint, lemon, orange, white pepper and peat. A little on the young side but the nice fruity notes make up for that. Hopefully the prominent oak won't overpower the palate and finish! Let's see... The palate is rich, sweet and fruity, also malty and oaky with notes of citrus and mint. Youthful but rather nice. The finish is oaky, peppery and a little hot but it also has a refreshing note of citrus. All in all it's very mature for its age. More-ish. An impressive first effort! The use of small casks (and partly new oak) has made it quite oaky but luckily not too oaky. A little hot without water but adding water reveals more of the youthful character. Best neat. 
Hven Seven Stars #2 "Merak" 45%Pic Sweden62286The nose is quite oaky (oak shavings) with an unusual but interesting note of juniper berries. Also notes of candy, spices, vanilla and caramelized sugar. Also a little peat. Complex and mature. The palate is rich, sweet and smooth with orange and quite a bit of oak (oak shavings again). A bit unusual but rather nice. Develops vanilla and even more oak. The finish is oaky and spicy yet nice with notes of cinnamon and citrus. Lingering notes of oak and peat. All in all it's impressively complex and mature but doesn't have much malt character (tastes more like a blend than a single). It also has a slightly perfumy oak character (from new oak, I suspect). That said, it's smooth and more-ish and I quite like it! (But I suspect malt purists won't) 
Mackmyra Special:08 46.0% * Sweden60086Herbal, aromatic nose with new oak, malt, allspice and orange candy. Unusual yet rather nice. Mild, sweet palate with vanilla and citrus. Fresh. Develops menthol, then oak. The finish has oak and citrus at first, then grows spicy (allspice, again). All in all unusual, interesting and rather nice. More-ish. 
Hven Seven Stars #1 "Dubhe" 45%Pic Sweden423?85The nose has caramelized sugar and vanilla, also oak, malt, a little peat and a hint of cinnamon. Quite nice but unfortunately there's also a musty off-note. The palate is light and sweet with orange, malt and oak. Young-ish yet balanced. Light and sweet at first, then develops spices and a little heat. The finish has at first citrus and mint, then lingering notes of oak, gingerbread and black pepper. Also a little peat. All in all youthful yet complex and balanced. 
Hven Urania 45%Pic2008
Sweden60185Interesting, herbal nose with oak, vanilla and orange peel. Also hints of dried fruits and gingerbread. Nice and promising. The palate is rich, oaky and powerful. Herbal and aromatic with a note of orange. Oaky, spicy finish with citrus and peppermint, also a little bitter and a bit too oaky. All in all it's amazingly mature for its age but on the other hand quite oaky and a little lacking in balance.
Mackmyra Brukswhisky 41.4% *Pic Sweden50085Fragrant, fruity, very nice nose with fresh notes of citrus, vanilla and eucalyptus, also oak, white pepper and black tea; light, fresh, sweet and fruity palate with a very nice balance between sweetness and oakiness; spicy, oaky finish, hot yet nice; all in all very drinkable, also good value (Mackmyra's best bang for the buck so far) 
Mackmyra Special:04 53.0%Pic Sweden70085Fragrant, very nice nose with oak shavings, vanilla, apricot marmalade and pears in syrup - maybe a bit too oaky, however; the palate is at first mild and light, minty, fruity and sweet (almost cloying) then develops oak and heat; the finish is peppery and fiery yet quite nice 
Mackmyra 'Den första utgåvan'
46.1% *
Pic Sweden61084Spicy nose with oak and very nice notes of citrus fruits and peppermint; nice palate with oak, vanilla and citrus; spicy, oaky, disappointing finish; all in all nice but a little heavy on the oak; more mature and together than the "preludes"
Mackmyra Preludium:05 48.4%Pic Sweden41084Very nice nose with vanilla and fresh fruity notes; nice, sweet, fruity and oaky palate; dry, spicy finish; the nicest and cleanest Mackmyra in the Preludium range 
Mackmyra Preludium:04 53.3%Pic Sweden50082Unusual nose with oak and fruity notes (apples and pears), also dry and "dusty"; fairly rich palate with unusual yet nice fruity notes; disappointing, flat finish; all in all complex, uneven and slightly immature 
Mackmyra Svensk Rök 46.1% * Sweden64082Nice, sweet-ish smoke on the nose but unfortunately it's also floral and perfumy (from a little too much new oak, I suspect). Fruity (citrus), malty and nutty. Youthful yet complex. The palate is sweet with a prominent oak character and a note of gingerbread. The finish is peaty, quite oaky and spicy with nice refreshing notes of mint and citrus. Verdict: it has a nice, unusual peatiness but the oak character is a bit vulgar. 
Smögen Primör 63.7%2010
Sweden87082The nose is young and powerful, very malty with wood smoke and a note of engine oil. Also new oak and unusual, wine-like fruity notes. Splintered and rough with a still noticeable new make character. The palate is young, too, but more balanced and much nicer. It has lots of malt and peat smoke, nicely offset by light, fresh notes of mint and citrus. Also a herbal note of new oak. Sweet, fruity and enjoyable. The finish has peat and malt, of course, but also fresh notes of mint and vanilla. Nice! All in all it's big, peaty and powerful. Well crafted but a little immature. (Improved a lot after being open for a few months)
Mackmyra Preludium:06 50.5%Pic Sweden53080Very nice nose with light notes of fruit and cream offset by oak and wood smoke; mild and fruity palate with oak and wood smoke but it's also a little musty with a chemical note 
Mackmyra Preludium:01 55.6%Pic Sweden61079Young yet complex nose with nice fruity notes (orange marmalade) but also a musty cereal note; nice fruitiness at first but it fades and leaves a slightly peaty yet disappointing finish 
Mackmyra Preludium:03 52.2%Pic Sweden64279Quite nice nose with smoke and barbecue sauce; dry, smoky, peppery palate, also minty; develops sweetness and flowery rather than fruity notes from the sherry; also a cereal note that shows the lack of maturity 
Mackmyra Preludium:02 54.2%Pic Sweden40078Fresh, fruity, oaky nose, young yet nice; surprisingly mild and light palate with nice spicy notes but a slightly disappointing aftertaste 
Mackmyra Special:03 48.2% Sweden62277Nice nose with sherry, oak and wood smoke, also vanilla and citrus; the palate is another matter: at first there's a musty oakiness, then citrus, then a pang of fresh peppermint which fades into the spicy finish; all in all interesting yet splintered 

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