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Ardbeg (Sign) 53.7% cask 575Pic1967
Islay   92Rich, sherried, peaty and somehow "dark" nose; wonderful, balanced palate with rich sherry and an "old", mild peatiness
Bruichladdich (Sign) 52.7%Pic1970
Islay62092Very nice nose with vanilla and light fruity notes (melon/kiwi); wonderful palate that develops richer fruit notes (peach/apricot), also peat and oak; the finish disappoints, however
Dallas Dhu (Sign) 48.5%Pic1975
Speyside51091Very nice fragrant nose with notes of apricot, clementine and vanilla; fruity palate with crème brûlée, vanilla and a note of peat, develops peppermint and a little oak; all in all mild and beautifully balanced
Glenlochy (Sign) 53.1% cask 3021Pic1980
W Highland30091The nose is quiet at first and takes a while to open up but turns out to be rather wonderful with vanilla and tropical fruits, also oak and malt. Light, sweet and smooth palate with vanilla and citrus. Develops oak and a note of mint. Balanced and very nice. Oaky finish with notes of malt and butter but it's mostly oaky and a bit dull (disappointing after the lovely nose and palate).
BenRiach (Sign) 49.0% cask 5501Pic1985
Speyside30090Fruity, very nice nose with citrus, apricot and melon, also custard and a little oak; very nice palate: sweet and fruity (fruity candy) with fresh oak shavings providing structure - it's light, restrained and beautifully balanced; the finish is oaky yet rather nice
Bladnoch (Sign) 54.8%
cask 283
Lowland71590Sherried, very nice nose with dried fruits, orange marmalade, oak and a little peat; rich, big palate - fruity and zesty with orange, apricot, honey and oak; oaky finish with a note of citrus; all in all bouncy and entertaining, very nice and more-ish
Glenlivet (Sign) 55.1%
cask 5719
Speyside808?89Very nice nose with rich notes of sherry, oak and tropical fruit; complex, oaky, spicy palate with a dry sherry character and a minty note
Glenlivet (Sign) 53.9%
cask 5720
Speyside 0889Wonderful nose with lots of (nice!) sherry; complex, oaky palate with a note of vanilla
Inverleven (Sign) 48.7%Pic1977
Lowland50089Fragrant, fruity nose with notes of apple, pear and melon, also vanilla and oak shavings. Amazingly fresh for a 34 y.o. Fresh, sweet, fruity palate with notes of mint and citrus. Drying, develops oak. The finish is oaky (but not overly so) and spicy with a note of gingerbread. Very nice. All in all balanced and more-ish. Very fresh for its age.
BenRiach (Sign) 56.3%
cask 7217
Speyside   88Nice, light fruitiness on the nose; very nice fruity palate (mango?), also spicy, balanced, complex with a hint of peat
Braeval 57.5% (Sign)Pic1998
Speyside50088Fragrant, fruity, slightly floral nose. Notes of citrus, oak shavings and vanilla. Very nice! Sweet, fresh palate with honey and a little oak. Zesty and nicely balanced. Fruity, oaky, very nice finish with a note of mint. All in all clean, fresh and very drinkable.
Glen Albyn (Sign) 53.1%Pic1981
N Highland61388Very nice nose with dried fruits, gingerbread, orange and a note of peat; rich, complex palate with a very nice balance between sweetness and spiciness
Glenlochy (Sign) 55.3% cask 2827Pic1980
W Highland40088Malt, honey and orange on the nose. Rather oaky with oak shavings, also a bit sour. Not entirely balanced. The palate is at first sweet and zesty with citrus and honey, then malty and oaky with a note of mint. Light and rather nice. Lovely finish with oak and a refreshing citrus note. In the end spicy with notes of gingerbread and mint. All in all quite nice and more-ish but a little splintered.
Laphroaig (Sign) 61%Pic1992
Islay   88A rich, musty peatiness, also fruity and cereally; very peaty yet balanced with a very nice finish
St. Magdalene (Sign) 48.1%Pic1975
Lowland 41?88Peaty, musty and a little sweet nose; peaty, musty palate with contrasting light notes of apples and citrus fruit
Brackla, Royal (Sign)Pic1975
Highland40?787Mild and balanced with a wonderful, light sherry taste
Caol Ila (Sign) 58.2%Pic1979
Islay   87Very nice palate with a very nice peaty/fruity balance; the finish is spicy, almost fiery and a little disappointing
Craigellachie 60.0% (Sign)Pic2002
Speyside60687Complex, unusual yet nice nose with honey, caramelized sugar and spices (spiced rum). Also citrus. Sweet palate with dried fruits, a bit like a Spanish brandy. Drying, develops notes of oak and honey. Very nice balance between sweet fruits and spicy oak. Nice oaky, fruity finish. All in all unusual but unusually good for an 8 y.o.
Glenlochy (Sign) 52.8%Pic1980
W Highland50087Fragrant, very fruity, very nice nose with orange, lemon, crème brûlée and vanilla, also oak; sweet, fruity palate with citrus and peppermint, develops oak; oaky, spicy finish
Glentauchers 56.0% (Sign)Pic1981
Speyside50487Nose: Honey, orange marmalade, peppermint and a little oak. Palate: Fresh, sweet and smooth with orange and oak. Develops spices. Finish: Oak and citrus. Overall: It's amazingly fresh for a 30 y.o. with surprisingly little oak. It doesn't have much of a sherry character either but it's balanced, very nice and very drinkable.
Kinclaith (Sign) 52.3%Pic1975
Lowland60787Very nice, sweet and fruity nose; rich, fruity palate with wonderful sherry notes but they fade into the disappointing finish
St. Magdalene (Sign) 48.7%Pic1975
Lowland   87Light, grassy, slightly peaty nose; richer palate, fresh, fruity, spicy and even a little fiery, develops a very nice fruitiness
Caol Ila (Sign) 62.5%Pic1981
Islay   86Peaty, fruity (apples) nose (possibly a hint of rubber); light, quite peaty palate with a very nice finish
Glen Grant (Sign) 59%
cask 7119
Pic1990Speyside60386Nice nose with tropical fruits; nice, fruity palate, also spicy and a little fiery
Glencadam (Sign) 57.6%Pic1989
E Highland60486Very nice nose with dried fruits and orange marmalade, also a note of gingerbread; nice, rich, sweet palate, also spicy; hot, spicy, slightly disappointing finish
Imperial (Sign) 58.3%Pic1982
Speyside70386Orange marmalade, apricot and lemon on the nose but also a note of sulphur (but adding water tames it a little); sweet, balanced palate with orange, develops oak, gingerbread, white pepper and some heat; nice spicy, oaky finish with a note of basil
Lagavulin (Sign) 58.4%Pic5Islay79086Very peaty and quite sweet palate with fresh, vibrant flavours; wonderful, very peaty finish (holds its own against malts twice its age!) 
Laphroaig (Sign) 46%Pic1988
Islay78-96?86Fruity, cereally, rich, powerful, earthy and very peaty
North British (Sign) 50.7%Pic1963
70086Huge, fragrant nose with vanilla, caramelized sugar and lemon candy - rum-like and very nice but there's also a note of solvent; fruity palate with mango and citrus but also dry and fairly oaky
Dufftown (Sign) 58.1%Pic1984
Speyside70885Complex, rather nice nose - very sherried with prunes, figs, gingerbread and oak (reminiscent of a Spanish brandy); rich, sherried palate, at first sweet then drying; fairly oaky but very dry finish
Inverleven (Sign) 52.2%Pic1977
Lowland   84Light, quiet yet nice nose with notes of fruit and herbs; the palate adds spices and a hint of peat; clean, mild and quite nice yet unremarkable
Glendronach (Sign) 56%Pic1970
E Highland  883Rich, fruity nose with a hint of peppermint; rich, fruity and spicy palate; somewhat one-dimensional and a bit too spicy for my taste
Mosstowie (Sign) 46.7%Pic1979
Speyside70083Nice fruity nose with orange and vanilla; the palate is rich and sweet, nice at first but unfortunately it grows very spicy and oaky; dry, oaky, disappointing finish
Allt-a-Bhainne 55.6% (Sign)Pic1991
Speyside60082Citrus and oak on the nose, unfortunately also a note of perfumed soap. Rich, sweet, quite fruity palate with citrus, oak and malt - much nicer than the nose. Oak and vanilla on the finish. The perfume returns, but only faintly this time. A note of mint at the end.
Ben Wyvis (Sign) 51% cask 685Pic1968
N Highland60082On the nose it has nice notes of green fruits, vanilla and oak but also a strange, disturbing metallic/acidic note; the palate is nicer: sweet and fairly rich with notes of citrus, vanilla and peppermint, develops oak; nice minty, oaky finish (thanks for the sample, Lukas!)
Braeval (Sign) 59%Pic1979
Speyside70782Rich and quite sherried, yet balanced with a nice, buttery finish
Brora 'Silent Stills' (Sign)Pic1983
N Highland67082Slightly strange nose; quite smoky palate; a bit rough and not very balanced
Caol Ila (Sign) 58.5%Pic1981
Islay370?82Mild yet quite peaty, balanced with a very nice finish (but perhaps a bit bland)
Caperdonich (Sign) 43.5%
cask 3335
Speyside60182Unusual yet fairly nice nose with oak, linseed oil and note of vanilla (the oaky character is similar to a Spanish brandy); rich, dry, nutty palate, very oaky and rather dry but saved by a nice note of peppermint; dry, spicy, disappointing finish with mostly oak but also a note of gingerbread; verdict: it's spent too long in the wood
Tormore 49.7% (Sign)Pic1992
Speyside50082Fruity nose with citrus and oak. Orange marmalade. Nice yet slightly earthy. Sweet palate with malt, honey and citrus. Unfortunately also a little musty. Develops a dull oaky note. Quite oaky finish but - again - dull. (A little overaged, I suspect.)
Caol Ila (Sign) 46%Pic1989
Islay68181At first musty and a little disappointing with notes of burnt rubber but develops a lighter, flowery and much nicer taste and a very nice finish
Caol Ila (Sign)Pic1989
Islay77080At first a bit strange with a burnt aroma, then sweet, quite peaty with a very nice, surprisingly light and a tad fruity finish
Glen Scotia (Sign)Pic1991
Campb.52069Interesting nose with sawdust and hints of wood smoke and smoked fish; sweet palate with a note of capers
Edradour (Sign) 51.2%Pic1976
Highland40240Liquid soap? Car wash liquid? At any rate, there's no chance of mistaking it for a whisky (hmm, maybe I can use it as an after shave?)

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