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BenRiach cask 8795 53.2%1976
Speyside52093Dense, secretive nose, oaky with notes of wood smoke, black pepper and mint, some citrus coming through faintly; light, sweet palate with wonderful fruity notes (mango, melon, pear), develops oak in a beautiful balance; wonderful finish with tropical fruits; fascinating whisky, as the nose gives no clue to what lies ahead (the nose is also its only weakness)
BenRiach (WF) 47.4% cask 3558Pic1976
Speyside70092Rather nice nose with light notes of citrus and custard offset by heavier notes of oak and marzipan; the palate is rich, sweet and malty at first, then hot with oaky spices and dark chocolate, then develops fresh notes of wild berries - fascinating!; very nice finish with light fruity notes of mango and clementine, also oak and mint; complex to the point of being splintered (best without water)
BenRiach (DT) 48.6%
cask 2597
Speyside50192Wonderful nose with fresh notes of tropical fruits and vanilla; sweet, fruity, fresh, very, very nice palate with a hint of peat in the finish
BenRiach20Speyside   90Fairly complex/multifaceted nose with a wonderful fruitiness (banana, apricot), also spice and a hint of peat; the palate is quite nice but the finish a little disappointing 
BenRiach Virgin Oak 50.6% cask 56201989
Speyside60090Big, fragrant nose with lots of oak and brown sugar, also lighter notes of vanilla and mint. Not quite balanced but very nice. Sweet, fruity palate with marzipan and oak. Develops a note of mint. Big and rich yet balanced. Oaky finish with notes of cinnamon and gingerbread. Balanced and very nice. Conclusion: The oak is prominent and ever present but not overbearing (which is astonishing after 22 years in new wood). Very, very nice.
BenRiach (Sign) 49.0% cask 5501Pic1985
Speyside30090Fruity, very nice nose with citrus, apricot and melon, also custard and a little oak; very nice palate: sweet and fruity (fruity candy) with fresh oak shavings providing structure - it's light, restrained and beautifully balanced; the finish is oaky yet rather nice
BenRiach New Oak 55%1980
Speyside   90Very nice, rich, fragrant nose with vanilla (almost like an old bourbon); rich, sweet palate with vanilla and coconut; drying towards the finish which has a little too much oak
BenRiach cask 3061 50.6% (TWA)1975
Speyside60690Nice, quite sherried nose with orange marmalade, honey, ginger; very, very nice palate - balanced, sweet, fruity with orange and peppermint, also oaky and spicy in a very nice balance; fairly disappointing finish with mostly oak
BenRiach Virgin Oak 55.6% cask 27881996
Speyside70089Interesting, fragrant nose with oak shavings, vanilla, apricot, orange (a little like an old bourbon). Nice but perhaps a little too oaky. The palate is rich, sweet and very nice. Fruity at first, then develops oak and marzipan. Grows quite spicy. The finish is quite oaky with very nice notes of orange, clove, vanilla and mint. All in all uneven - unconvincing nose but the palate is nice and the finish wonderful. Best with only a little water.
BenRiach cask 8084 56%1976
Speyside51-2089Fruity, peaty, complex, mature nose; palate is at first sweet with wonderful fruity notes (mango? apricot?), then develops peat and a slightly disappointing spicy note
BenRiach 57.8% cask 69421976
Speyside81889Very oaky nose with linseed oil and brown sugar, also dried fruits and plum compôte (reminiscent of old Spanish brandies). Nice and complex but too oaky. The palate is surprisingly mild and surprisingly nice: rich, sweet and sherried with notes of caramelized sugar, gingerbread and mint. It's at first sweet then drying and develops oak. Dry, oaky finish with gingerbread and mint. Spicy and warming. Long. All in all it's a powerful winter warmer. Heavy on the oak.
BenRiach Septendecim 46% *17Speyside47088Nose: a mild smokiness (more wood smoke than peat), also notes of malt, mint and butter. Quite nice. The palate is light and fresh at first, then delivers quite a punch of peat and spices (a drop of water takes the edge off that, if you want). The finish is smoky, malty and minty. All in all light-bodied yet quite peaty; complex with an unusual and interesting smokiness. Very nice! 
BenRiach cask 3182 56.1% 1986
Speyside62888Fairly heavy nose with a strong PX sherry influence (like in some Spanish brandies) - notes of dried fruits, brown sugar and oak but also lighter notes of citrus and mint against a background of wood smoke; rich, sweet, smooth palate, a little smoky at first, then sweetness and dried fruits take over (raisins, plums) and finally it's drying and develops oak and citrus; oaky finish with notes of mint and liqourice; all in all complex and quite unusual but a bit extreme (PLOWED)
BenRiach (Sign) 56.3%
cask 7217
Speyside   88Nice, light fruitiness on the nose; very nice fruity palate (mango?), also spicy, balanced, complex with a hint of peat
Importanticus Fumosus 46%
12Speyside77 87Very nice nose with fruit and wood smoke; rich palate with fruit and smoke in a very nice balance; delicious, smoky finish with a note of mint
BenRiach cask 4023 53.5%1994
Speyside40087Fragrant, voluptuous nose with vanilla, lime and oak shavings; nice, light, fresh palate with plenty of vanilla and citrus, sweet at first but drying, develops oak; oaky, spicy finish with notes of cinnamon and ginger; aged in new, "virgin" wood which has imparted quite a bit of oak (but not too much) and a very interesting character
BenRiach Madeira Finish1991
Speyside   87Fragrant nose with vanilla and unusual fruity notes, also a little spirity; rich, very nice palate with delicious fruity notes
BenRiach Authenticus 46% *21Speyside55087The nose is quiet yet nice, with notes of wood smoke, tropical fruits and honey. The palate also has honey, joined by malt and citrus. Develops oak, spices and a bit of heat. Oaky, smoky finish. All in all it's subtle, complex and rather nice yet a little disappointing. 
BenRiach cask 1596 54%1978
Speyside53087Quiet, fruity and a little peaty nose; fruity and fairly sweet palate with a very nice, mild peatiness
BenRiach cask 1733 45%1972
Speyside72687Peaty, musty, fruity nose; complex, rich, dry palate, also oaky and spicy; rather nice but a little too oaky
BenRiach Curiositas10Speyside   86  
BenRiach cask 4005 51.2%1970
Speyside71786Fascinating, complex nose with oak, vanilla, dried fruit and a hint of smoke; rich palate with a nice fruitiness but also very oaky and dry with an even drier finish
BenRiach Horizons 50%12Speyside60585Nice creamy nose with honey and dried fruits from the sherry wood, also notes of sponge cake, apricot and orange marmalade. Light, sweet palate with a fresh fruitiness (orange) and a note of custard. Clean and fresh but slightly thin. Drying and develops oak. Nice spicy, oaky finish. All in all nicely balanced and more-ish. 
Maderensis Fumosus 46%
13Speyside57 85Clean smoke and unusual fruits on the nose; sweet, smoky palate with unusual but interesting fruity notes; very nice finish
BenRiach Dark Rum Finish15Speyside   84Very nice, herbal, rum-like nose; nice yet quite spicy palate (the most rum-like whisky ever!) 
BenRiach Maderia Finish15Speyside   84Light, fruity, youngish nose with a note of wood smoke; fruity palate with notes of apples and cream 
BenRiach (DR) 61.6% cask 17791990
Speyside61383Oaky, malty nose with citrus fruits, orange marmalade and vanilla, also a hint of wood smoke - nice but the insistent oak almost overshadows the fruits; the palate is at first sweet with orange and honey, then develops oak and pepper but also a nice note of mint; oaky finish; all in all fairly nice but a bit too oaky
BenRiach Solstice 50%15Speyside67 81Unusual nose with peat, malt and grapes; rich but fairly dry palate, peaty and fruity with a note of mint; dry, quite peaty finish; all in all interesting but splintered 
BenRiach Solstice 50%17Speyside67 81Unusual nose: cereally, smoky and fruity (like eating digestives washed down with port in front of a roaring bonfire). Smoky, sweet and fruity/winey palate. Not quite balanced. On the finish the fruits fade but the smoke remains, joined by a minty note. All in all interesting but splintered (like the 1st edition). 

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