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Glendronach (old dumpy bottle)8Speyside62390Wonderful nose with notes of banana, citrus fruits and mint, also a hint of peat; mild, sweet and a little spicy palate with notes of citrus fruits and banana 
Glendronach 46%Pic15Speyside80888Very nice fragrant nose with plenty of sherry and a note of linseed oil; complex and very nice palate - rich and sweet with dried fruits, also a little spicy with ginger, cloves (richer, more powerful than its 40% predecessor) 
Glendronach cask 528 61.7%1993 16Speyside60788Fragrant, sherried, very nice nose with honey, gingerbread, orange and turpentine; rather nice palate - rich, sweet and spicy, develops a note of peppermint; fairly oaky finish, dry and slightly disappointing 
Glendronach cask 529 60.5%1993 17Speyside60788Very similar to cask 528 but less spicy, milder and more complex but has a slight note of perfume 
Glendronach 46%Pic18Speyside70787Subtle, complex nose with spices and citrus, also oak and dried fruits (prunes and figs) - a bit like a Spanish brandy; mild, complex palate, fairly dry and oaky (a little too oaky actually) but with nice notes of gingerbread and peppermint 
Glendronach cask 1241 49.8%1990 20Speyside70687Quite sherried yet fresh nose with honey, caramelized sugar, linseed oil, oak; rich, spicy, quite oaky palate with honey, orange marmalade, gingerbread - nice yet a bit too dry and oaky; nice finish with gingerbread and peppermint 
Glendronach cask 2621 57.9%1990 20Speyside70686Interesting, rather nice nose with caramelized sugar, vanilla and oak, also a little flowery; rich, dry, oaky palate with gingerbread, dried fruits (plums, raisins) and peppermint, nice and complex yet too dry and oaky; dry, very oaky finish 
Glendronach (port wood finish)
(W&M) 46% *
E Highland   85Slightly harsh, young nose but has an interesting fruitiness; opens up w/ water and loses the harshness; quite nice palate w/ an unusual candy-like fruitiness with grape fruit (pink? hehe)
Glendronach (Sign) 56%Pic1970
E Highland  883Rich, fruity nose with a hint of peppermint; rich, fruity and spicy palate; somewhat one-dimensional and a bit too spicy for my taste
GlendronachPic12Speyside70781Nice, fragrant nose with dry, spicy sherry, dried fruits and a note of turpentine; rich yet surprisingly dry palate, quite spicy and disappointing after the nice nose (the oak and dried fruits remind me of Spanish brandy) 

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