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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel 45% *Pic Bourbon/
60087Big, fragrant nose with marzipan and apricot. Also spicy oak and white pepper (from the rye, I presume). Very nice and well aged. The palate is clean but hot without water. With water it's light, sweet and very nice with notes of orange and lemon. Nice finish with spicy oak and vanilla. All in all impressive and very nicely balanced. Needs a drop of water to soften the heat.
Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack Bourbon/
40086Fragrant, rather nice nose with vanilla, marzipan, apricot and oak shavings. Also a cereal note. Light, sweet, fruity palate with a note of peppermint. Drying, develops oak and a little heat. Rather nice. Fruits, oak and vanilla on the finish. Also a little peppery. All in all smooth, nicely balanced and very drinkable. (Much milder and decidedly nicer than the standard Jack Daniel's.)
Jack Daniel'sPic Bourbon/
80082Huge, fragrant, in-your-face nose with apricot, almond, caramel, peppermint, vanilla and oak. Complex and quite nice yet a little spirity. Intense, powerful yet clean palate with a nice sweetness as well as notes of citrus, mint and vanilla. Oaky, spicy finish. All in all nice but very powerful (sometimes I like it, sometimes I find it too intense).

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