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(local barley) 52.4%
Campb.71-2 96Springbank at its very best: Fantastic fruity, fragrant nose and a wonderful, complex palate with the typical spicy/fruity notes
Springbank (Cad) 50.5%Pic1965
Campb.8 895Wonderful nose with with lots of very nice sherry; water brings out the Springbank character but the sherry is still in the foreground; complex palate with sherry, vanilla, citrus fruits and cardamom
Springbank 46%Pic21Campb.734-594Rich, sweet, a bit salty/spicy with hints of fruit, vanilla (and perhaps a little coconut) with a distinct, yet light and balanced sherry taste 
Springbank (HB)Pic1967
Campb.52094Wonderful nose with notes of fruit and vanilla; yummy, sweet, minty, fruity palate (apples); also a dash of peat that grows stronger in the finish
Springbank 46% (red seal)Pic25Campb.633?93Lovely fruity notes on the nose; they carry over into the palate and are joined by vanilla and a bit of peat; overall balanced, fairly light with an excellent finish 
Springbank 50%12Campb.81892Wonderful nose with dried fruit, ginger and the typical vanilla; rich, smooth, very nice palate with a rich sherried fruitiness and also lighter notes of vanilla and melon(?); the finish is a bit dry, however 
(Milroy Associates) 50%
Pic30Campb.   92Very nice, light nose yet a little untypical with a citric fruitiness; wonderful light, balanced palate with citrus fruit, also a little spicy with a note of peat (needs very little water, if any)
Springbank (WF) 59%Pic1971-Apr
Springbank 46%32Campb.61091Lovely, classic Springbank nose with coconut, vanilla and spices; rich, fruity palate with dried fruits, ginger and cinnamon, very nice but a little too dry and spicy 
Springbank 46%
(dark, late bottling)
21Campb.8 790Compared to the medium dark 21 y.o.: Richer, spicier, oakier, more sherry, less balanced
(limited edition) 46% *
Pic30Campb.80790Nice nose with notes of dried fruit and oak; rich, complex, dry and spicy palate; rather oaky but the oak gives it a touch of old armagnac; oakier than the 21 y.o. (dark) but otherwise very similar
Longrow 'Dreams' (MI) 45%Pic1987
Campb.87089Peat and engine oil on the nose; busy, powerful, very smoky palate with a musty peatiness; calms down a bit towards the finish; wonderful palate and finish (best without water)
Longrow (Samaroli) 45%1987
Campb.65089Malty, peaty nose with a note of dirty boiler room but also fresh notes of citrus and mint; sweet, very nice palate with malt and citrus, develops oak, spices and a little heat; rather peaty, rather nice finish; compared to the "Dreams" bottling it's milder, more balanced and more complex (but not as fresh and exciting)
Longrow (Samaroli) 55%1987
Campb.65089Very similar to the 45% bottling (of course) but it was interesting to try it at higher strength
Longrow 46%Pic1974
Campb.77089At first sweet with notes of citrus fruits, then comes a sting of peat: dry, almost metallic; quite intense and spicy
Springbank 46% *Pic18Campb.52589Rather nice nose with vanilla, dried fruits and a minty, citric note on top; rich palate, quite sherried although not very sweet (in fact, it's a touch too dry), also spicy with a note of coconut; fairly smoky finish 
Springbank 46%
Campb.71689Very nice nose with notes of vanilla and fruit; very nice palate with hints of cinnamon and spice but the slightly bitter finish disappoints
Hazelburn 46% *Pic12Campb.72688Very nice, complex nose with "rich", fruity notes of blood orange, prunes and raisins; rich, quite sherried, rather nice palate, also spicy with a note of gingerbread, develops marzipan, at first sweet but drying with a dry, disappointing finish (a little fiery & may need a drop of water) (b. 2009) 
Longrow (Cad) 56.8%Pic1992
Powerful, peaty, musty nose with a shy note of oranges hiding behind the peat; rich, sweet palate with fruity, spicy and peaty notes in a very nice balance
Longrow (sherry wood) 46%Pic10Campb.74588Rather nice nose with honey and orange; rich palate with honey, linseed oil and oak shavings, also fairly fiery; oaky, peaty finish; compared to "bourbon wood" it's sweeter and more balanced with the addition of dried fruits from the sherry wood, also a little less peaty 
Springbank cask 115 56%Pic1996
Campb.63588Rather nice nose with dried fruits, honey, caramelized sugar and citrus, also wood smoke and a little oak; the palate is mild and sweet at first with citrus, also a litle smoky, drying, grows more intense and develops spices, cinnamon and mint; nice, spicy finish with a note of gingerbread; all in all complex, balanced and very nice
Springbank cask 759 46% *Pic1972
Campb.76088Peaty, musty nose; nice, quite peaty palate and a very nice finish; peatier, sweeter and nicer than the 1974 cask 2283
Springbank (MM)
(fresh bourbon cask) 46% *
Campb.60088Delicious fresh fruity notes which sadly fade too quickly into the spicy, creamy (and fairly disappointing) finish
Hazelburn 46% *Pic8Campb.61387Fresh, fruity nose with orange zest, young but not immature; rather nice palate - sweet, fruity and candy-like with vanilla and oaky/spicy notes in a nice balance (07/183) 
Hazelburn 46% *Pic12Campb.60087Fragrant, very nice nose with fruity candy (Fix & Foxi chewing gum), citrus and Curaçao liqueur, also vanilla and oak; sweet palate with citrus, vanilla and oak, unfortunately also a bit hot and spirity; oaky, dry, disappointing finish (b. 2010) 
Longrow (bourbon wood) 46%Pic10Campb.75087Rich, spicy and a bit creamy with a wonderful, very long finish; complex and very nice yet a wee bit too young 
Longrow 100 Proof 57%Pic10Campb.66287Rather nice nose with peat, mint and citrus fruits but also youngish cereal notes; very nice palate: light, clean, sweet and fruity, also quite peaty; nice fruity, peaty finish 
Longrow 46% *10Campb.65287Very nice fruity notes on the nose, also nicely smoky; rather nice palate with citrus fruits and a note of mint (bottled 2007) 
Longrow 46% *Pic1992
Campb.87087At first a very nice fruitiness, then becomes more peaty; the peat peaks in the very nice, yet slightly musty finish
Longrow 46% *Pic1993
Campb.75087Fairly peaty with a light, very nice fruitiness; a little sweeter and less peaty than the '92
Longrow 46%Pic1996
Campb.8 6-787Young and a bit fiery with cereal notes and an interesting combination of rich fruit and thick peat
Springbank 100 Proof 57%Pic10Campb.73087Fresh, fruity and zesty with coconut, vanilla and a delicious peatiness 
Springbank 55.2%Pic1997
Campb.73 87Very nice, very unusual nose; complex, sweet, fairly rich palate with vanilla and tropical fruits, also peaty with quite a peaty finish
Springbank bourbon wood
Campb.73087Fruity, a little peaty nose, unfortunately also a little musty; nicer palate - rich, sweet and creamy, also oaky with very nice fruity notes; the oak dominates the finish, however
Springbank 46% *Pic1967
Campb.40-10?87Rich, intense, spicy and complex; quite interesting but the flavours don't quite hang together
Longrow (SMWS) 57.8%Pic1990
Campb.  086-87Light, balanced palate with a nice fresh fruitiness at first, then develops quite a bit of peat
Springbank Cuvée (MM) 46% Campb.   86-87"Old" peat (like in Longrow) and rich fruit on the nose; interesting peatiness on the palate; complex but a bit chaotic; very nice finish though 
Longrow CV 46% *6-14Campb.76286Peaty, malty, youngish nose, also flowery with wine notes; strange nose but the palate is nicer: complex with a nice combination of peat and fruits; very nice, warming finish 
Longrow 46% *Pic1994
Campb.8 086Rounder and richer than other recent bottlings but not as nice
Longrow 46%Pic1995
Campb.  086Young with a very nice fresh fruitiness; very nice and very drinkable; not as peaty as other recent bottlings
Longrow 46%18Campb.77086Peaty, fruity nose with a note of vanilla; musty, quite peaty palate with wood smoke, also sweet and fruity but the peat and the fruits don't work well together 
Springbank marsala wood
Campb.   86Spicy, sweet, balanced and very nice; mature beyond its age
Springbank 46% *10
b. 2011
Campb.65086Fresh and fruity, also a little peaty; uncomplicated and very nice (updated 2011: this bottling is peatier but not quite as nice; now back at 86 p)
Springbank 46% *10
b. 2012
Campb.64386Big nose with honey, malt and peat, also a note of engine oil. Youthful and a little vulgar yet nice. The palate is more mature and more balanced. Sweet and fairly rich with notes of orange marmalade, fruity candy and malt. Nice finish with notes of honey, malt and a little peat. All in all youthful and a bit rough yet playful and entertaining. (12/73)
Springbank 54.9%1997
Campb.62 86Quite similar to batch #1 but the extra year in wood has made batch #2 milder and less peaty (unfortunately not for the better)
Springbank madeira wood
Campb.63 86Nice nose with toffee and an unusual fruity character, also fairly smoky; the palate is at first sweet with interesting fruity notes, then turns spicy; wonderful finish with a minty note; all in all a bit chaotic but entertaining and quite nice
Springbank 54.6%Pic12Campb.74486Complex, nice nose: briny and fairly peaty, also fruity with blood orange and vanilla. On the palate there's a blast of peat at first but when the smoke has cleared (heh) it turns sweet and develops citrus and malt. (Needs only a little water) 
Springbank claret wood
Campb.73 86Interesting nose with red berries, wood smoke and black pepper; the palate is complex and unusual, rich yet dry with notes of prunes and oak, drying, develops gingerbread and mint; spicy, oaky, herbal finish, restrained yet nice
Springbank 46%Pic15Campb.73786Complex, spicy, quite sherried and fairly peaty; the trademark vanilla/coconut flavours are there but almost hidden by the sherry 
Springbank cask 2283 46% *Pic1974
Campb.64086Sweet, fruity nose (pears in syrup); fiery, fruity & fairly peaty palate; very nice nose but a disappointing palate
Longrow (SMWS) 56.9%Pic1990
Campb.   85Peaty and musty with an unusual fruitiness and ditto spiciness (curry sausage); fairly sherried, but with an unusual sherry; very nice finish
Springbank (sherry wood)
46% *
Pic12Campb.81985Rich sherry nose with notes of prunes and gingerbread; rich palate with dried fruits and also a lighter note of citrus
Springbank rum wood
Campb.6 085Sweet, fruity, quite clean and quite nice
Hazelburn 46% *Pic12Campb.63584Oak and brown sugar on the nose, also dried fruits (sherry wood) and a hint of peat. Rather nice. The palate is sweet with notes of honey and orange marmalade. Develops malt, spices, oak and peat. Oaky, peppery, fairly dry finish. Notes of peat and sherry but they don't work well together. Disappointing after the nice bottlings from 2009 and 2010. Best with a drop of water. (b. 2012) 
Springbank C.V. 46%Pic8Campb.71?084?Strange, "off" nose at first but improves; interesting but not very balanced: at first fairly intense and a bit "young", then more mellow and complex 
Longrow 46% *Pic1991
Campb.76083Intense, spicy, peaty, disappointing; w/ water: milder, lighter, revealing notes of cereal and fruit
Longrow (Cad) 55.7%Pic1998
Campb.67 83Oily, peaty nose with coal, tar and a note of solvent (dirty boiler room); earthy, peaty palate, also fairly sweet; nice, very peaty finish with notes of gingerbread and peppermint; all in all strange and unbalanced but the finish wins me over
(old dumpy bottle) 46%
Pic8Campb.81-2 81At first strange, then rich and a bit spicy; quite mature for its age, quite good but also very intense
Hazelburn CV 46% * Campb.64080Malty, peaty nose with a note of engine oil - immature and disappointing; peaty, musty, spicy palate, also fairly sweet with notes of green fruits; fairly nice, peaty finish with oak and black pepper (Hazelburn isn't supposed to be peated!) 
Longrow 46% *b. 2012Campb.74080Malty, nutty, peaty nose with notes of engine oil, orange and mint. Unfortunately also a note of rubber. A little too young; lacks balance. The palate is fairly rich and sweet, malty and cereally with honey and orange marmalade. Young and quite peaty. Nicer than the nose but still not convincing. The finish has peat, iodine, cereal and oak. Disappointing after the peat fades. All in all young and rowdy, peaty and powerful. Lacks balance and maturity. Cheap for a Longrow but poor value. 
Longrow 46% *Pic1974
Campb.84980Dry, fruity nose with lots of sherry; rich, fruity palate, also with lots of sherry (but not a very nice one); very dark for a Longrow
Springbank 175th Anniversary
46% *
Pic12Campb.64378Fruity nose that collides with an oily peatiness; the palate has nice peaty notes but also a disappointing sherry note; slightly musty finish
Longrow 46%Pic14Campb. 5? 76Nice, peaty, muscular nose with a softer note of fruit; the fruit grows stronger in the palate but overflows and collapes in the finish; a veritable anti climax 

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