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 Origin Richness   Peat/   
  Rating   Comments
Tamdhu (HB) 40.8%Pic1958
Speyside   93Fantastic nose with rich, fragrant, fruity notes (a bit like an old Springbank!) and a very nice, balanced, fruity palate
Tamnavulin (SMOS) 40.4%Pic40Speyside60093Wonderful, fragrant nose with tropical fruits, oak, linseed oil, marzipan and vanilla. The palate is at first rich and oaky then turns smoother and sweeter with light, fresh notes of citrus and mint. The finish is light, minty and refreshing at first, then grows richer as the oak returns together with ginger. All in all very nicely balanced with a fascinating development. Amazingly fresh for its age! 
Tomatin (CWC) 51.1%Pic1976
Highland   92Candy on the nose, also blueberries, cocoa and a minty note; a light candy-like fruitiness on the palate, also a heavier spiciness and a note of mint; unusual and intriguing but very, very nice
Talisker 62%Pic1981
85791Black pepper, peat and fruit on the nose; rich, complex, peppery palate with a wonderful sherry character that softens the spiciness, develops citrus; peaty, spicy finish with a minty note
Talisker 54.8%25Islands/
43091Wonderful, delicate nose with wood smoke, orange, apricot; light, balanced, very nice palate, at first sweet with citrus then drying, develops notes of oak, black pepper; very nice notes of oak and peat on the finish (bottled 2009)
Talisker 49.5%30Islands/
43091Subtle yet wonderful nose with peat, lemon, orange-flavoured candy, honey and hint of mint; surprisingly light palate with peat, mint and citrus in a wonderful balance, develops oak and a little more peat (bottled 2008)
Tomatin (DT) 51.6% cask 6816Pic1976
Highland420?91Complex, unusual nose with notes of vanilla, citrus, oak shavings and linseed oil, also a note of musty peat; light, balanced palate with vanilla, orange, peach - at first sweet, then slowly drying; nice finish with a note of oak
Talisker 58.8%Pic1982
66090Peaty, powerful nose with peppermint, orange and a note of smoked fish; fairly rich palate with peat, orange, lime; sweet at first but drying; dry, peaty finish with a nice note of oak
Tomatin (Scott's) 50.6%1988
Highland50490Oaky, fruity nose with notes of wild berries, dried plums, mint, custard and cocoa. Complex and unusual but very nice. The palate is sweet, chewy and fruity, develops notes of mint and oak. Fresh and very nice. Very nice, refreshing finish with notes of mint, vanilla and cream, also oak. All in all unusual, interesting and complex yet very nice and very drinkable.
Talisker 54.2%25Islands/
54089Peat, pepper, steak, vanilla, light fruity notes, apple, orange, but also a little earthy and musty with a note of rubber, nice yet messy; sweet, peaty, very nice palate with citrus and a note of mint, drying, develops a nice note of oak (bottled 2008)
Talisker 45.8% *Pic18Islands/
5  88Sweet, fruity and a little peaty; at first mild/smooth but getting stronger (seems tame compared to the standard 10 y.o. but I prefer this one)
Tamdhu (Scott's) 49.6%1984
Speyside60388The nose is fruity with notes of orange marmalade and orange candy, also oak and malt. Very nice! The palate is light and sweet, clean and fresh with notes of lemon, orange, mint and oak. Balanced and more-ish. Drying, develops oak. Orange, honey and a note of mint on the finish. Also oaky and peppery with a hint of dried fruits. All in all nice and more-ish but the finish is a little too hot and oaky.
Tullibardine 49.8% cask 11121966
S Highland   88Faint but very nice nose with rich fruit and a lighter, minty note; rich, quite dry palate; slightly fiery finish; milder with water but the nose loses out
Talisker 57° North 57% Islands/
55087Unexpectedly light palate: sweet with notes of citrus, fairly peaty but develops more peat; very nice, rather peaty finish; decidedly milder and lighter than the 10 y.o. but I prefer this one (L7299)
Tomatin 52%21Highland50287Nice yet quiet nose with honey and gingerbread; complex, rather nice palate with honey and gingerbread again, also white pepper, orange marmalade and a little oak; oaky, spicy finish (perhaps a little too oaky) 
Talisker 175th Anniversary
   87?Peaty and fairly fruity nose; intense, peaty palate
Talisker 45.8% *Pic10Islands/
75386Intense and peppery (needs to be tamed with a little water); complex palate with a very nice fruitiness and quite a nice finish
(Johnnie Walker label)
67386Light at first, getting richer; fairly hot/spicy and a little fruity; complex, balanced with a short, disappointing finish; milder and rounder than current editions
Talisker (DL) 50%Pic1988-Feb
   86Fruity, fairly peppery and quite nice; similar in quality to the 18 y.o. OB but a bit more powerful
Tobermory (B) 46%Pic1995
62086Nice nose with notes of peat, citrus and malt. Sweet, more-ish palate with malt and honey. Also slightly peaty and slightly minty. Malty, spicy, peppery finish. All in all nice and entertaining yet a little rough.
Tomintoul10Speyside40086Pleasant, refreshing nose with orange marmalade, custard, also lemon and hints of mint and oak; mild, light, balanced palate with citrus, fairly sweet, creamy, not much going on but it's clean, very enjoyable and more-ish; dry, slightly disappointing finish 
Teaninich (RM) 64.8%Pic1972
N Highland63085Fairly rich/sweet/fruity, a bit spicy and also fairly smoky; complex, interesting and quite nice
Tomatin 58.4% cask 85101995Highland60085Rich, thick nose with lots of fruits, among them pear, apple and orange, also oak; rich, sweet, fruity palate, also spicy, unfortunately a little too oaky; oaky yet nice finish 
Talisker (SMWS) 59.4%Pic1989
   84Nice, peaty nose; intense, peaty, peppery palate (but not to the same degree as the OB 10); also sweet and a little fruity
Tomatin 46% *18Highland70784Nice, complex nose with gingerbread, caramelized sugar, orange and a nice note of oak; rich yet dry palate with sherry fruits, oak and notes of honey and mint (too dry and oaky without water but nice with a few drops) 
Tomintoul16Speyside502?84Complex, interesting, rather nice nose: oaky, flowery, also spicy with notes of black pepper and citrus; sweet, fruity palate - nice yet surprisingly simple; unusual finish with oak, fennel and herbs (a bit like an aged, spiced akvavit) 
Tomintoul (Scott's) 56.9%1989
Speyside50084Unusual nose with oak shavings, lemon drops and a note of pickles. The palate is surprisingly nice after the strange nose: sweet and smooth with oak shavings, citrus and peppermint. The finish is rather oaky and spicy; a little dull, in fact. All in all unusual and quite oaky but the nice palate pushes the score up a bit.
Tomatin12Highland30083Butter, citrus, custard and oak on the nose - fairly nice but there's also a dull note of cardboard. The palate is nicer: light, sweet and smooth with a note of vanilla. Develops oak. The finish has notes of oak, mint and citrus. All in all light, easy-going and drinkable. 
Tomatin 43% *15Highland60083Nice nose with apricot, orange, vanilla and oak; rich, fruity, fairly oaky palate with apricot marmalade, unfortunately the oak and the fruits don't fully agree; nice, oaky finish (needed a drop of water because of the weak nose and slightly hot palate) 
Tormore 49.7% (Sign)Pic1992
Speyside50082Fruity nose with citrus and oak. Orange marmalade. Nice yet slightly earthy. Sweet palate with malt, honey and citrus. Unfortunately also a little musty. Develops a dull oaky note. Quite oaky finish but - again - dull. (A little overaged, I suspect.)
Tormore (SMOS) 64.8%Pic1988
Speyside60082Fragrant nose with vanilla and oak shavings (makes me suspect use of new oak). Also fruity and a little flowery with a note of straw (like an old barn). Quite nice. The palate is sweet and fruity (candy-like) with oak shavings and a note of mint. Also flowery, unfortunately. Drying and develops oak. Oaky, spicy finish. Conclusion: Oak, oak and oak (and I'm not so keen on that flowery note).
Talisker (DE) 45.8%1989Islands/
8 7?81Lots of fruit on the nose; rich, fruity, spicy palate; also develops a pepperiness that barely avoids a head-on collision with the fruit
Tomintoul 46% *14Speyside60080Interesting nose with notes of citrus, Poire Williams and oak, unfortunately also spirity and a little musty; the palate is a bit hot but with a little water: sweet with nice notes of citrus and mint but almost overpowered by oaky spices 

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