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Springbank (Cad) 50.5%Pic1965
Campb.8 895Wonderful nose with with lots of very nice sherry; water brings out the Springbank character but the sherry is still in the foreground; complex palate with sherry, vanilla, citrus fruits and cardamom
Highland Park 48.3% (Cad)Pic1985
61091The nose is subtle, complex and very nice with oak, green fruits, vanilla and mint, also a hint of peat. Rich, sweet, fruity palate with notes of vanilla and oak. It's sweet, fruity and oaky in a beautiful balance. The finish is oaky and spicy but very nice. By far the best independent bottling of HP I've tried (and one of the best bottlings overall).
Balblair (Cad) 51.7%Pic1990
N Highland60090Fragrant, fruity nose with apple, pear and melon, also honey, malt and a little oak. Very nice! The palate is classic Balblair: rich and sweet with lovely fruity notes of citrus, apple and pear, also oak. Rather nice finish with oak, citrus and a note of mint.
Girvan (Cad) 46%Pic1979
50090Fresh, fragrant, rum-like nose with citrus and crème brûlée, also notes of oak and dark chocolate. Wonderful! The palate is at first sweet with a note of citrus but quickly drying and turns spicy and oaky. The finish is dry and oaky but has nice notes of gingerbread and mint. All in all it starts with a wonderful nose but goes downhill from there.
Strathisla (Cad) 54.5%Pic1987
Speyside50090Very nice, fruity nose with mandarine orange, orange marmalade, honey and vanilla. The palate is sweet and fruity with malt and oak providing structure in a lovely balance. The finish is oaky and spicy with a note of mint, simplistic but nice. All in all smooth, beautifully balanced and very more-ish.
Caperdonich (Cad) 56.8%Pic1980
Speyside50089On the nose it's nice yet a little shy with notes of honey, orange marmalade and vanilla. Sweet palate with honey and citrus. Also oaky and a little spicy. Notes of vanilla and custard. Fresh, smooth and balanced. Nice finish with notes of oak, orange and peppermint. Surprisingly light and fresh for its age. (From the Chairman's Stock line.)
Glencraig 50.8% (Cad)Pic1981
Speyside60289Fruity, quite oaky nose with orange candy and oak shavings. Unfortunately also a flowery note. Unusual. Sweet, fruity palate with apples and pears (pears in syrup), develops notes of oak and orange marmalade. Very nice! Nice finish with notes of oak and orange. All in all unusual and uneven but very nice. (Distilled in Lomond stills at the Glenburgie distillery)
Glenrothes (Cad) 53.8%Pic1994
Speyside30089Very nice nose: light and fresh with notes of vanilla, mint, apple, oak and cinnamon; light, clean, subtle palate, sweet and fruity, develops spices and oak, then citrus at the end, complex and beautifully balanced; nice oaky finish; smooth and more-ish (I usually find Glenrothes too sweet but this one is just right!)
Laphroaig (Cad) 53.0%Pic1994
Islay78089Powerful nose with peat, coal, tar and iodine; rich, sweet, malty, creamy and (of course) peaty palate; wonderful finish with peat, peppermint, iodine and citrus
Lochside (Cad) 54.9%Pic1981
E Highland60089Huge nose with oak shavings (and lots of it). It's almost vulgar but also has nice notes of citrus and fudge. The palate is surprisingly nice: smooth, sweet and fruity with notes of orange and honey. It's still oaky but to a lesser degree. Very nice, in fact. The finish is oaky but with nice notes of cream, mint and wild berries. All in all uneven but actually quite nice. (The oaky character makes me suspect a new oak finish.)
Ardbeg (Cad) 57.0%Pic1994
Islay69088Very peaty nose with iodine, burnt rubber, coal and tar; light, sweet and very peaty palate with a minty note; very nice finish with lots of peat and notes of mint, apple and cinnamon
Ardmore (Cad) 55.2%Pic1997
E Highland55088Young-ish nose with malt and a mild peatiness. The palate is light and sweet, also malty and fairly peaty with notes of citrus, lime and mint (makes me think of a peaty mojito!). Peaty, malty, rather nice finish.
Banff (Cad) 47.1%Pic1976
E Highland50088Fruity, complex, very nice nose; the palate is fairly rich and a little spicy yet mild with a very nice balance of fruity and oaky notes
Ben Nevis (Cad) 66%Pic1990
W Highland70788"Loud", fragrant nose with sherry and fresh fruity notes; the palate is at first fruity then develops spices - unexpectedly mild after the nose; it's rich, sweet and very nice; the finish is a little too fiery, however
Glen Elgin Rum Cask 56.8% (Cad)Pic1991
Speyside70(2)88Very nice nose with oak, peppermint, brown sugar and citrus. Rich, sweet, chewy palate with oak and orange marmalade. Dry, quite oaky finish, spicy and hot. All in all very nice but the finish is too oaky. Shows a nice and balanced influence from the rum wood.
Glen Moray (Cad) 55.4%Pic1992
Speyside50088Nice, fruity nose with a note of honey and a faint wine character. Mild, sweet balanced palate with notes of orange, honey and mint. Also oaky and malty which provides structure. The finish is oaky yet mild and nice with a note of gingerbread. All in all balanced and more-ish. (Aged in claret wood.)
Heaven Hill (Cad) 63.5%Pic1999
   88Very nice, fragrant nose with notes of vanilla, orange, apricot and oak; the palate is sweet, fruity and surprisingly mild
Longrow (Cad) 56.8%Pic1992
Powerful, peaty, musty nose with a shy note of oranges hiding behind the peat; rich, sweet palate with fruity, spicy and peaty notes in a very nice balance
Old Pulteney (Cad) 56.9%Pic1990
N Highland61088Fragrant, fruity nose with notes of caramelized sugar, citrus and crème brûlée, also briny with a note of peat; very nice, balanced palate - rich and sweet with vanilla and dark chocolate
Old Pulteney (Cad) 56.7%Pic1990
N Highland60088On the nose it's a little shy yet nice and fresh with notes of citrus, vanilla, custard, oak and peppermint. Rich, chewy palate. Sweet, fruity and fairly oaky with notes of honey, orange marmalade and malt. Very nice! Oaky, fairly spicy finish. Nice and complex with notes of citrus, spongecake and mints. Black pepper at the end.
St. Magdalene (Cad) 52.7%Pic1982
Lowland60588Fruity, flowery nose (almost perfumed); rich, sweet palate with notes of dried fruits, ginger and cloves; all in all mild, balanced and very nice
Brackla, Royal (Cad) 54.7%Pic1992
Highland40087Gentle, subtle nose with very nice fruity notes; the palate is mild and sweet with lots of fruits: banana, apple (like in fruit-flavoured candy), very nice at first but the fruits fade as oaky spices develop
Glenlossie (Cad) 55.1%Pic1993
Speyside70887Quite nice nose with notes of oak, gingerbread, cardamom and honey. Big, very oaky palate with dried fruits (reminiscent of a Spanish brandy). Sweet at first, then drying. Develops gingerbread. Oak and gingerbread on the finish. Dry yet nice. All in all powerful and quite sherried but rather nice.
Highland Park (Cad) 50%Pic1979
   87Wonderful nose with tropical fruits; palate is less fruity and adds spices, nice yet disappointing after the nose; the finish is slightly peaty but again, disappointing
Macallan (Cad) 53.8%Pic1989
Speyside50087Fresh, fruity nose with lemon and lime; sweet, fruity palate with a note of orange, develops oak; very nicely balanced (comes from a bourbon cask, which is unusual for Macallan)
Aberlour (Cad) 57.5%Pic1989
Speyside40086From a bourbon hogshead (unusual for Aberlour). Nice, fresh, fruity nose with notes of citrus (lemon drops), oak and mint. Fairly light palate with sweet fruits and oaky spices in a very nice balance. Oaky, dry finish (slightly disappointing).
Caol Ila (Cad) 60.4%Pic1995
Islay68286Very smoky nose with notes of citrus fruits (think slightly burnt toast with orange marmalade), also a little earthy; the palate is very peaty, spicy and surprisingly dry; all in all nice but a little raw
Cooley (Cad) 58.6%Pic15Ireland   86Surprisingly mild undiluted; sweet, fruity (orange candy) and quite smoky palate (wood smoke); all in all rather nice and clean with a "clean" kind of smoke 
Ledaig (Cad) 55.7%Pic1993
53086Interesting nose with notes of apple, cream and wood smoke but also a chemical note of solvent; light, fresh palate with notes of citrus fruits and vanilla; an unusually light and lightly peated Ledaig
Lochnagar Rum Cask 57.4% (Cad)Pic1996
Highland60(7)86Dense, quite oaky nose, also herbal with a note of dried fruits. Rich, sweet, quite oaky palate with a nice refreshing minty note. Also notes of brown sugar, crème brûlée and orange marmalade. Oaky, spicy finish. Shows a lot more rum wood character than the Glen Elgin does but here it's a little exaggerated.
Glenfarclas (Cad) 54.3%Pic1990
Speyside60085Unusually for Glenfarclas, this came from a bourbon hogshead. Fresh, interesting nose with notes of apples, pears and calvados. Unfortunately also a sour, disturbing note. Very nice palate, however: sweet, fruity and zesty, also oaky. Drying, develops more oak. Dry, oaky, spicy finish. Disappointingly dry.
Strathmill (Cad) 54.4%Pic1995
Speyside40084The nose is grassy and farmy with notes of hay and old barn, also fruity with apple and melon. Incongruous. The palate is nicer: sweet and fruity with notes of citrus (mandarine orange) and mint. Develops oak. Nice, oaky finish with a note of mint. All in all uneven with a disappointing nose.
Bladnoch (Cad) 53.5%Pic1990
Speyside50083Fresh, fruity nose with notes of lemon and lime, also oak and vanilla. Quite nice yet a little sour. Fruity palate with notes of citrus and mint. At first briefly sweet, then drying, develops notes of oak and cardboard. Not bad, but a little dull. Dry, mostly oaky finish. All in all disappointing despite the promising nose.
Longrow (Cad) 55.7%Pic1998
Campb.67 83Oily, peaty nose with coal, tar and a note of solvent (dirty boiler room); earthy, peaty palate, also fairly sweet; nice, very peaty finish with notes of gingerbread and peppermint; all in all strange and unbalanced but the finish wins me over

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