Fahrenheit 173 - Whisky Ratings


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 Origin Richness   Peat/   
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Old Pulteney (DL) 50%Pic1964-Dec
N Highland   92Wonderful light, fruity and herbal nose; balanced, sweet, fruity palate; unusual yet wonderful (reminds me of my favourite Trinidad rum)
Old Pulteney 40.1%30N Highland50091Fragrant, fruity nose with vanilla, coconut, custard and a note of oak. Wonderful! Mild, sweet, balanced palate with notes of vanilla and oak. Very, very nice but actually a little disappointing after the brilliant nose. Oaky finish with a note of mint. 
Old Pulteney 54.9%15N Highland51089Very nice palate - sweet and fruity, also a little spicy with a hint of peat 
Old Pulteney 60.2% cask 133Pic1991
N Highland50088Nice, fruity nose, also spicy and a little musty; light, fresh and very nice palate; at first mild with a very nice fruitiness then spicier which gives it more bite; slightly disappointing finish though
Old Pulteney 46% *17N Highland60488Quiet yet rather nice nose with oak, gingerbread. Oak, gingerbread and dried fruits on the palate, also notes of mint and citrus. Mild despite the 46% (but improves with a drop of water). Oaky, peppery finish. All in all complex, subtle and balanced. Very nice! 
Old Pulteney (Cad) 56.9%Pic1990
N Highland61088Fragrant, fruity nose with notes of caramelized sugar, citrus and crème brûlée, also briny with a note of peat; very nice, balanced palate - rich and sweet with vanilla and dark chocolate
Old Pulteney (Cad) 56.7%Pic1990
N Highland60088On the nose it's a little shy yet nice and fresh with notes of citrus, vanilla, custard, oak and peppermint. Rich, chewy palate. Sweet, fruity and fairly oaky with notes of honey, orange marmalade and malt. Very nice! Oaky, fairly spicy finish. Nice and complex with notes of citrus, spongecake and mints. Black pepper at the end.
Old Pulteney 46% *21N Highland70487Very nice nose with honey, orange marmalade, crème brûlée and oak. Rich palate with oak, honey and orange marmalade. Quite oaky and fairly dry. Mild for 46% so water is not necessary (but adding a drop makes it sweeter and less dry). Oaky, dry, peppery finish with a note of gingerbread. Warming. All in all nice but on the oaky side. 
Old PulteneyPic12N Highland40086Fragrant, yummy nose with tropical fruits, honey and malt. The palate is fresh, fruity, malty and fairly sweet. Mild and nice (but not as nice as the nose). On the finish the fruits fade and are replaced by malt and oak, also a little spicy heat. All in all entertaining, drinkable and easy-going. A great session malt. (Good value, too) 
Old Pulteney (GM) 45%1973
N Highland708-984Wonderful, rich, complex, fruity and spicy nose; the palate is rich, dry, bitter and disappointing; nicer w/ water (especially the finish, but the nose loses out)

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