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Redbreast Pure Pot Still 46%Pic15Pot Still/
70 92The nose is a little prickly but has very nice notes of vanilla, peach, oak and marzipan. Very nice palate: intensely fruity with peach and apricot, also oaky. The finish has amazing, concentrated fruity notes (mostly peach), also oak, then marzipan and mint at the end. One of the best finishes I've ever experienced. It's a little hot but best without water. (L5308)
Redbreast Single Pot Still 57.7%Pic12Pot Still/
60 90Fragrant, very nice nose with marzipan, cream, vanilla and peach. Also a hint of menthol. The palate is fruity (at first peach, then pear cider). Balanced, clean and fresh. Medium-bodied, neither sweet nor dry. A little oaky and develops more oak and spices. On the finish the fruitiness fades and is replaced by oak and mint. Spicy and warming. It has big, bold flavours but it's smooth, balanced and irresistably drinkable. (B1/11)
Redbreast Single Pot Still 46% *Pic15Pot Still/
70 88Very nice nose: fruity with peach and apricot and notes of mint, marzipan and vanilla. Also quite oaky. Rich, powerful palate. Fruity, oaky and spicy. A bit hot without water but with a drop or two it's smooth and very fruity, develops oak. Oaky, spicy, warming finish. All in all nice but too oaky. Compared to the old 15 y.o. it's less fruity and more oaky, more complex but not nearly as nice.
Redbreast Pure Pot Still 40%12Pot Still/
60 87Rich and intensely fruity, a bit spicy with a hint of perfume and clear notes of peach; all in all very nice
Redbreast Single Pot Still 40%12
b. 2012
Pot Still/
60 87Big nose with peach, marzipan and oak. Very fruity palate with a fresh note of vanilla. Lighter than expected at first but grows richer as it develops oak and spices. The finish is fairly oaky with peach, marzipan and a note of mint. Lighter, cleaner and more easy drinking than the other expressions of Redbreast.

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