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Fahrenheit 173 - Brandy

"I'm not an alcoholic, I'm an alcohologist"

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14 Dec 2011  Four Cognacs for Christmas
A review of Bache Gabrielsen Christmas XO, Braastad My Selection, Martell VSOP and Renault Carte Noire.
10 Oct 2011  Five VSOP Cognacs
A review of VSOP Cognac from Croizet, Dupuy, Jarraud, Larsen and Meukow.
18 Apr 2011  Four cognacs in the "XO" to "Extra" range
A review of Le Reviseur XO, Léopold Gourmel Age des Fleurs, Jean Fillioux Très Vieux and Delamain Vesper.
16 Mar 2011  ABC - Armagnac, Brandy and Cognac
A review of seven brandies from Cognac, Armagnac and Spain.
28 Jun 2009  Five Spanish brandies
A review of Gran Duque de Alba, Lepanto O.V., Lepanto P.X., Mascaró Narciso and Torres 10.
19 Apr 2009  XO Cognac tasting
A review of six Cognacs, mainly XO, from Delamain, Grönstedt, Martell, Otard and Rémy Martin.
11 Nov 2007  Christmas Cognacs
A review of Delamain's and Grönstedt's Christmas XO cognacs compared to their standard XO:s